Ideas to Build Website for Bar and Pubs

Bar and Pubs Website

Thinking of trying out a newly opened bar or pub in your locality or any other watering hole that you are yet to visit in town? In the good old days, you’d have to drive down to sample what the place has to offer. Not anymore. In today’s digital environment, simply visit the website of the bar or pub from any Internet enabled device and watch all details unfold on the screen – pictures of the ambience, decor, menu, prices and even online reservation facilities. What more can you possibly want, more so as all these are available to you round the clock.

Given this scenario, it is necessary that as a bar or pub owner, you pay special attention to this aspect and engage the services of a top web development company to create and develop your websites. Professionals at these agencies have rich experience in this field and will ensure that the site has good rankings on results pages of major search engines. This will result in more traffic to the site and increased footfalls at your bar or pub. Further, it is also preferable that an agency be hired that has in-depth knowledge of the local bar and pub scenario. For example, if your establishment is in Melbourne, get a company that specialises in web development in Melbourne for this purpose.

What then are some of the ideas that these agencies generally incorporate when structuring a website for a bar or pub?

  • Home Page – This is common in any website and is usually an introduction to the business. For a pub, the text should be at a minimum and instead a lot of pictures should be on the home page to reflect the ambience, bar counters, lighting, seating and entertainment facilities if any. The more attractive this page is, the more will you be able to draw in the customers. Do not have this page crammed with all data. Have different pages that cater to separate segments of your bar.
  • Food and drinks Page – While it is definitely not possible to put the entire food and drinks menu on the site, you should definitely give the specialities of the house, mainly the exotic cocktails that you offer. Whether you choose to put the prices too is your choice but it works both ways. Rates usually reflect the standard of your bar and the strata of clientele that you cater too. People can then decide if your charges suit their budget for an afternoon drink or a quick snack and drinks. On the other hand, putting rates can mean hesitant customers if they are on the high side. If you are operating at a location that has the average middle income groups, put the rates and draw them in. They will not be surprised after walking in and settling down.
  • Chef’s corner – While this is almost essential for a top class restaurant, you can have this unique feature for your bar too. Have your chef introduce some out-of-the-ordinary dishes that are your in-house exclusives. A personal touch always helps.
  • About Us page– This is not a page to highlight your pub but the real people who run them. Focus on your co-workers and their experience and professionalism. You can even include something about why you are eminently suitable to run your pub and how you have made it a success.

These are just a few ideas for designing and developing website for a bar and pub. What you ultimately decide to have rests exclusively on the nature and type of your establishment.