About Us

If you think that www.brasserie-pub-muret.com is just another blog site devoted to food and wine, you are sadly off the mark. Yes, we are a site related to the restaurant and pub niche but the difference with other similar sites is the scope and scale that we cater to.

At our site, you will find various aspects of this business. You can catch up on the new restaurant or pub in town and the cuisine it caters to. We will even review the menu and the food that is being served. Our team will present photos of the ambience and offer tips on must-try dishes there. Finally, we will rate the establishment on a score of 10 so that you will have no doubts when you give it a try.

However, we are not just another reviewing agency. We go behind the scenes of the restaurant and pub industry as a whole and bring to you news, information and trivia of the latest in this sector. For restaurant owners, we offer tips and guidelines on how best to optimise operations of their establishments to increase turnover and profitability. For example, you will find blogs on new innovations in pub and restaurant lighting and interiors as well as details on modern equipment for the kitchen. When introduced in your restaurant it will give you an edge over your competitors.

While our blog site has established a strong presence in this niche, we would like to improve on it by offering our readers a wide and varied experience when they visit our site. This is why we invite experienced food and wine and restaurant bloggers to contribute their write-ups to our site so that others can acquire an in-depth knowledge in this field. We do not have any restrictions on the topics that can be focussed on so long as it is relevant to this niche.

We would require all blogs to be original and yet unpublished. Bloggers can insert photos and infographic in text to stress a point. Our team reserves the right to make minor modifications if required. We will inform through email once the blogs are published on our site.